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Do-It-Yourself Quotes 



The quotes are an estimate only, designed to give you an idea of how much your desired service will cost. Once you have worked out your quote and submitted it online, we will then have a Cutting Edge team member have a look at the proposed property whilst they are working jobs in your area (you will not need to be home for this as this will just be someone having a quick look or peek over the fence). In most cases the quotes should be fairly accurate, however if they do vary we will send you an adjustment and the reason/s and if you are happy, you can approve this for the work to go ahead.

Please remember the more accurate you are in chosing the DIY quote that is closest to the condition your lawn is in, the more accurate your quote will be....


Start by deciding which of the following 3 categories your lawn fits into:

If you have a very small yard - (up to 500m2) Ie. duplex that has been mowed no longer than 2-3 weeks ago your estimated quote for your lawn and edges will be:


If you have an average house block - (up to 700m2) that has been mowed no longer than 2-3 weeks ago your estimated quote for your lawn and edges will be:


If you have a larger house block (up to 900m2) that has been mowed no longer then 2-3 weeks ago, your estimated quote for your lawn and edges will be:



Please read through the following and add on anything that applies to your property to finalise your estimated quote:


If your house is situated on a corner block please

Add $5 

If your lawn has not been mowed in the last 2-3 weeks please

Add $5

If your lawn has not been mowed for over 6 weeks please 

Add $10

If you would like weed poisoning around your property please

Add $10

If you are a pension card holder please

Subtract $5

If you would like weeding or hedge trimming, please mention this on our online booking form in the 'comments' section Ie. 'will also need quote for hedges' and we will look at this on an individual basis.



Now add up your total and you have your Do-It-Yourself Quote! You can chose to phone us for a booking, or book online using our easy online booking service below. If booking online you will be asked to provide your Do-It-Yourself Quote total, which you can provide or if unsure leave blank.

Please Read: 

For all new clients wishing to pay your account via Internet Banking, please allow 2 days for tranfer. Ie. book your lawn today but in the 'date' section select 2 days from now. Once you have booked online we will have a Cutting Edge team member have a quick look at the property (you will not need to be home for this, as this will be a quick drive-by inbetween jobs as we work through your area). We will then approve your estimated quote or adjust it and send you a confirmation e-mail the same day which will include the banking details. If you pre-pay your account the same day, it should clear in the 2 days. We will send you through an Invoice once we have recieved your payment.  

Important: As we do not give out your personal information, our bank and other details are sensitive and must NOT be given to any other persons under any circumstances.  


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