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Garden Maintenance 

 Do-It-Yourself Quotes


We have several different gardening packages which are all based on a pre-pay system. In other words, before we arrive you know exactly how much to pay and what you are paying for without any nasty surprises at the end. Below are our gardening packages, however we can also tailor a package to suit your needs. Please have a read through all the services to find the best Do-It-Yourself Quote.


Mini Garden Tidy $100

A mini garden tidy includes 2 hours of any of the following applicable services: tree pruning, hedge trimming, weeding & poisoning, and green waste removal. Would suit the average sized property with a few trees or hedges that need to be trimmed, for a general tidy up. Ie. Rental vacate/Pre-Sale or 3 monthly clean up.

If you have chosen this gardening package, your Do-It-Yourself Quote is $100

Total Garden Tidy $220

A Total Garden Tidy includes 4 hours of tree pruning & light tree lopping, hedge trimming (if applicable) weeding & poisoning, garden beds raked & cleared, and all green waste removed. Would suit a property with established or landscaped gardens, or 'wild' gardens that have have not been tidied for up to 6 months.

If you have chosen this gardening package, your Do-It-Yourself Quote is $220

Rubbish Removal

For all extra rubbish removal please add $25 per trailer load to your Do-It-Yourself quote. Ie, you would like a Mini-Garden Tidy and also have a trailer load of old furniture etc therefore your Do-It-Yourself Quote would be $125

Mulching and Landscaping

We are also available for mulching and landscaping, however these need to assessed on an individual basis.

None of the above packages suit your needs?

Why not e-mail us some photos of your property (in particular the specific areas you would like done) to and we can have a look! If you would prefer we come out to see you please proceed to our online booking form or phone us and we will gladly organise a time to come out and give you a quote.


If you are booking online, you will be prompted for your Do-It-Yourself Quote total. Please add the amount of your desired gardening package ie. you have chosen a mini-garden tidy so your Do-It-Yourself Quote is $100 etc.

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